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Inherited IRA

One of the most common and costly financial mistakes occurs as a result of someone inheriting an IRA or other retirement account and not following the distribution rules. Many IRA beneficiaries don't even know that there are rules that must be followed. Unfortunately, ignorance of the rules doesn't reduce the drastic penalties that may occur [...]

Required Minimum Distributions

For all individuals who have an IRA or other type of retirement plan, there comes the dreaded day when they turn 70-1/2 and need to begin taking their Required Minimum Distributions (RMD). They've invested prudently and deferred paying their taxes all these years, and now it's payback time. You see, when their IRA was born, [...]

Recent Stock Market Rally

As I'm sure most investors are aware, the stock market has rallied in the last eight weeks in an unequaled—and unsustainable fashion. Although it has been great for their portfolios (assuming some of their investments are still in the market), I hope investors don't fall into the trap of complacency and think that it's going [...]