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Financial Planner or Sales Rep?

Have you ever questioned the qualifications of your financial planner or advisor? Are they properly licensed and certified? What may initially seem like silly questions become quite important when you realize that an extremely high percentage of all so-called financial advisors are neither licensed to give financial advice nor certified to do so. How do [...]

Annuities 101: The Basics

A 13.41% first year yield! That is what one indexed annuity is currently guaranteeing. Although this is one of the better annuities available, there are multiple types of annuities and you need to know some basics before investing in them. There are four types of annuities: immediate, variable, fixed and indexed. Here is an explanation [...]

Stock Market Circuit Breakers

On Thursday, May 6, 2010, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had its worst intra-day drop in its 128 year history, dropping nearly 1000 points. Initially, there was a lot of finger pointing and speculation by the exchanges as to who was at fault. It was even rumored that someone had placed an errant trade to [...]