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Anthony A. Saccaro Proves That Professional Mentoring Works in Life Insurance Selling Cover Story

Being mentored pays off big time as financial planner's business growth skyrockets LOS ANGELES, Oct. 18, 2012, /PRNewswire/ -- For any professional who's wondered whether being mentored pays off, the answer is a resounding yes, according to Anthony A. Saccaro, ChFC, president of Providence Financial & Insurance Services, Inc in Woodland Hills, California. Life Insurance Selling magazine featured Saccaro [...]

The Why, When and How of Consolidating Your Retirement Accounts

Consolidate: to combine separate items or scattered material into a single whole or mass. The definition makes consolidation seem tidy, productive and even a bit powerful. With all those good vibes, it’s a wonder why people hesitate to use consolidation tactics in their lives, especially in terms of their retirement. Many people have multiple retirement [...]