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The Troubling National Debt

In 1835, something financially remarkable happened: the federal government paid off the national debt. It hasn’t happened since. Through myriad presidential administrations and economic cycles, the national debt has persisted. Wars, depressions and recessions have all helped send it higher, and while it can shrink in the short term, it isn’t going away. Currently it [...]

Before the Cake and Wedding Dress: Couples Should Discuss Finances Before Saying “I Do”, June 3, 2014 With the wedding season kicking into high gear, there’s one discussion that too often doesn’t occur between couples – finances. Unfortunately, they would rather talk about anything but money. At minimum, couples should have a frank discussion about their approaches to budgeting, planning and saving. Anthony A. Saccaro, ChFC, explains why [...]

Providence Financial Donates to Support The Master’s College Student Scholarships

San Fernando Valley Business Journal, June 2 - June 15 Issue Woodland Hills-based wealth management firm Providence Financial recently donated $10,000 to support the annual Master’s College Golf Tournament and help raise funds for student scholarships. Anthony A. Saccaro, ChFC, founder and president of Providence Financial, stated: “Because I am a Bible-believing Christian and because [...]