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Our Firm

At Providence Financial & Insurance Services, we know that the choices you make now about your financial resources will affect your financial future. Our extensive experience in asset protection and management, recognizing stock market trends, estate planning and tax preparation enables us to maximize our clients’ financial resources while minimizing their risks.

From left to right: Paul Dean, EA, Accountant; Denise Guerrero, Marketing Coordinator; Krystal Soutar, New Accounts Manager; Anthony A. Saccaro, ChFC, J.D., President; Anca Saccaro, Social Media Coordinator; Lorraine Grossman, Associate Advisor, Director of the Estate Planning Division; Gerry Alcala, Client Relationship Manager

  • Your current investments
  • How to keep your money safe while earning more interest than at the bank
  • Rolling over your 401K
  • Maximizing your IRA
  • Roth IRAs
  • Whether a Roth IRA conversion is right for you
  • Reducing the taxes on your investments
  • Whether you have enough money to retire or maintain your standard of living
  • Avoiding probate through the use of a living trust*
  • Giving to charities
  • Setting up a college fund for your children or grandchildren
  • When to begin taking Social Security income
  • Whether you should select a Medicare or Medicare – Advantage plan
  • How to qualify for Medi-Cal
  • Using a reverse mortgage to supplement your retirement
  • Maximizing what your heirs will receive
  • Financial mistakes you may be making but aren’t even aware of
  • Tax preparation services
  • * Living trusts are drafted by an independent law firm.


We would love the chance to help you explore better options to your current investments. Call us today at 800.256.3513 to schedule an appointment or to sign up for a FREE FINANCIAL CONSULTATION.