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Are You Gambling or Investing?

We’ve all heard the old adage that investing in the market is the same thing as gambling.  America’s #1 wagering event is the Super Bowl and, according to mint.com, $87.5 million worth of legal bets were placed at Nevada sports books on last year’s game.  That sounds like a lot, until you read the next line. […]

7 Questions to Ask before Investing

Making investment decisions isn’t easy, especially if you are just entering the game.  When trying to find your way through the maize of investment options available today, there are some critical questions that you must answer concerning a lot of details that many people don’t think about until it’s too late.  So, if you want to avoid the eternal […]

Top Tips for Mistake-Free Investing

Have you ever found yourself watching MarketWatch, CNBC or CNN and feeling the need to immediately make an investment decision based on emotional or personality-driven thoughts or characteristics?  If yes, you’re not alone.  According to a recent global survey by Barclays Wealth, a large percentage of wealthy investors not only realize their tendency to make decisions […]